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A touch of amber

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A touch of amber

Amber glass...AKA reflective gold. An overlooked shade that we promise will add magic to your spaces

Stand alone, it can look a little old-skool and I'm sure you'd wonder where the hell it would fit in your colour scheme. Well here's why 3 reasons we're telling you you don't need to wonder that...

1. Glass is amazing in any shade;


it reflects light and makes spaces feel super elegant. But it this golden hue, the ante is upped big time. We're talking glamour reminiscent of the art deco era.

2. Think of it as a metallic, not a colour in its own right. 


Once you shift your mind set like this you will quickly learn that a sprinkling of this wonderful hue will only enhance your original colour scheme, and not detract form it.

3. Amber is warm and soft enough to work with any colour scheme, including pastels or our fave darker shades such as inky blue, olive green or even black. 


It's versatility means you don't need to start from scratch to use it to help you transform your spaces. Drip a little into your existing palette and watch the magic happen...