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Little Lights Ship Lamp



This handmade ship light by Polish company Little Lights is a true piece of artwork for your little ones nursery or playroom. Beautifully handmade from natural wood, then handprinted to finish, it will certainly become a keepsake to treasure. 

The base of the ship is a whimsical whale design.

material: solid pine wood
LEDs warm white 2,2W
typical low power supply Input: AC 100-240V Output: 24V DC
burn time: approx. 100 000h
switch: dimmer on cable
white cable

A Word from the makers:

"We are a small family manufactory from Krakow, who create lights for families around the world.

Our story began with our flagship lamp, the sleeping fox. Creating the first project, we wanted to light a sweet pet lounging beside the bed. Our dream was that in addition to beautiful form, this sweet pet perfectly fulfill the functions of Lights; fill the room a nice warm glow, ideal for reading and sleeping.

We focus on the pine wood to create all our lamps. The smell, the texture, the story that it carries is something that delights us. Something elusive, which makes Little Lights remain durable. It is not only beautiful and useful, our lights will become a souvenir that will remain in the family for years and we hope that the generations.

Most of the work is performed by hand with attention to every detail. We finish up small eyes, noses, windows and all details, making every Little Lights the only one of its kind.

What is important for us is to stimulate the imagination, and follow your dreams. We want to bring home more color, joy and warmth, to create a cozy and unforgettable moments that will forever remain a part of the great childhood memories.

Each lamp Little Lights is one dream spoken. 


Height: 35cm

Width: 45cm