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Inevitably you utter the words ‘faux flowers’ to any adult, they will immediately say that real flowers are the only way to go; fake flowers just aren’t the same. 

Here at Lillian Daph we say seeya chunky fabric petals in glaring fluorescent shades never before seen in nature, and hello their soft realistic materials and subtle tones that give a sense of the great outdoors thanks to groundbreaking designer Abigail Ahern. Her high impact alternatives to the real deal ensure that you can fill your interiors with the coolest botanicals and faux flowers that last, and look just as good a year later as the day that you committed to them (we say 'committed' 'cos they are statement purchase, these babies don't come cheap, why should they? Abigail Ahern Faux flowers have been painstakingly designed, and the result is high impact, never seen before, almost the real deal, wilder than wild Faux Flowers.


Perfect for adding texture, colour and a finishing touch to any of your spaces, faux flowers are fool proof (even for the least green fingered of us). 

The best part is not just that you have beautiful blooms all year round. Lillian Daph say use Fauxs like a piece of furniture; whether your space is in need of an injection of colour, is lacking texture or you need to create some interest at height, thanks to Abigail Ahern, we’ve got it covered.


Our fave way to use fauxs in your interiors:


1. To soften hard edges

Rather than drapes of fabric that let's face it, we don't usually like anyway, we prefer to dress our windows and sills with layers of leafy fauxs and tall cacti in interesting shapes. Not only does this draw the eye away from harsh square edges and white plastic (in our case anyway - we're working on new windows!) but fauxs are a really cool way to create shade and block out any nosey neighbours.



LD HQ by @beautifulhomesinthenorth


2. To create dreamy shadows

We love shadows. They help to add depth to your spaces and create warm, cosy vibes. Long, leafy stems work well here along with big heads like fluffy hydrangea. 



Abigail Ahern's Home

3. To create layers of texture

Our fave one yet. Texture is key, key, key when it comes to creating cool spaces. Cover all bases- go for grasses in tall vessels for height, trailing string of pearl from high shelves for length and finish with vases full of fauxs with super unusual finishes like honey myrtle or red willow. This will create maximum texture.


Abigail Ahern's Home

Just in time for Mother’s Day, our curated range of Abigail Aherns' best collection yet is landing here at Lillian Daph in Store and Online.



To celebrate we are offering 15% off all Abigail Ahern until the end of March!



If single stems of jaw dropping botanicals are not what you're after, we offer a bespoke 'bunch me up' service. Simply give us a brief idea of the space and vessel you are looking to fill, brief us on your budget and we will do the rest. Email or ask in store about our bespoke hand-tied bunches.