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Our Story

It was mountains of research during her Textile degree, and probably an inescapable family gene in business; and not forgetting a super dedicated husband, Labrador named Daphne and Spaniel named Lillian, that saw the birth of The LillianDaph Store.


Exposure to so much quality design, yet a lack of access to it up here in the North East drove Christina to frustration, believing she could not be the only interior-obsessive in the area.

Safe to say this quickly became a mission; to bring good quality and well designed interiors to the North East.

After falling lucky (mainly having a Dad with a “shy kids get no sweets kind of approach”) Christina and her husband took on an old post office in a Victorian building in seaside town of Saltburn by the Sea. Turning the place around in just under six weeks, the couple paired back the building to as near to original as they could.

Often wondering why ‘The North’ is perceived as left behind or uninterested in design, LillianDaph is built on the metaphor that as humans, ‘We don’t know that we want the cake until we see it on the counter.’ Through LillianDaph, it is Christina’s aim to show you options you may have never considered. 

Lillian Daph stock mainly Scandinavian, powerhouse Brands, such a Broste Copenhagen, Umage, Madam Stoltz, Viva Raise, Dutch Bone and Nkuku, along with local and global makers and artists. 

Since having their own little one in 2018, Christina and Craig noticed a lack of physical 'cool baby/nursery stores' and so little sister store, little LD was added to the mix selling 'cool things for your little ones interior and lifestyle.'

Little LD again is about creating kids interiors with heart, offering nursery decor pieces that are so easily found. Big brands include Liewood, Baby Mori, Ila y Ela Crochet Lions , Garbo & Friends, Wigiwama and more.

Our aim is to to deliver like the big boys in the industry, but with the heart and soul of an independent store. This means online experiences and orders will be slick, seamless and highly professional, but delivered with personally signed off e-mails, phonecalls and second to none customer service. No dealing with guys in warehouses - just a husband and wife team with two dogs and a baby on their top floor! Just kidding - we don’t leave her up there alone!


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