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Our Team

As a kid, I worked hard but never really played hard. Years of conscientious graft at a young age left me initially disheartened with education, but I think it’s safe to say it ignited a fire in my belly. Not until I started writing my own rules with LD did I finally feel like my graft paid off. Always giving 120% is in my nature, but it never always got me where I wanted, or thought I wanted to be. Perhaps this weird new path forging in front of me is finally that hard work paying off. Of course, now it doesn’t get easier, it gets harder every single day. But I am loving it.


The Creator



It seems I am naturally drawn to characters who work just as hard. The non-blaggers in life. The real sweat breakers, extra mile runners and crazy passionate folk. Our team has become a natural curation of like-mindeds; grafters that want what isn’t sat there on a plate - the life that there is no real education in, no accredited training in, and very few career opportunities in.

Lusting Over: Oversized Black Jute Chandelier by Madam Stoltz




None of this would even be here if it weren't for this guy. Heading up online sales, display building and surprisingly quite a few creative ideas, Craig is our LD hero. He can usually be found drinking super strong coffee and consuming way too many sweets (usually without Christina knowing!)

 Lusting over: Handmade Iron Fox Head  



A waft of dream air for an employer seeking interior enthusiasts.



Christie is well and truly interior obsessed. Studying Interior Design at Teesside University, Christie’s focus in store is visual merchandising and LD design service, bringing her educated expertise to our LD profile. A serial grafter, Christie is hungry to create the most amazing spaces. As well as being hungry for food! For such a small little lady, Christie can eat most of us under the table  and is partial to the milkiest cup of tea you will ever lay eyes on!

Lusting over: Chusho Large Lime Embroidered Cushion by Also Home


Lillian & Daphne


Lillian is our constant tail wagger, she gives out less obstructive hugs, particularly if she's managed to follow you in to the loo! Daphne generally brings big licks, human hugs and way too many short blonde hairs to the store daily.

Lusting over: Lots of human attention and anything to pass their lips.