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2020 Interiors Unwrapped

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2020 Interiors Unwrapped
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2020 – what a year. We’ve all been saying it, we’ve all been hearing it. There can't have been a year that was more significant for our homes and the way we live than this one. From frantically setting up home offices, to the dining room table becoming school for a few months, to visits on the doorstep and in the garden (even in the brisk cold of winter!) - every element of our homes has been staring us point blank in the eye. That paint job you never got around to, that piece of furniture the dog chewed and those accessories you feel like you’ve been looking at for over a decade.
I think this has been THE year people have made a lot of interior changes, or even just tried to find joy in the little things, like a favourite coffee mug or a new cosy throw. The more time we’ve spent at home this year the more we’ve realised just how important the environments we work, live, eat and sleep in really are – in some cases they’ve turned out to all be the exact same space. We’ve all desperately tried our hand at a bit of DIY and tried to make the most out of every inch of what we’ve got when it comes to our homes. We take a look back at some of the interior moments of 2020 that we think really summarise the world of interior design and homewares in midst of the chaos.



It turns out we’ve all got one now, whether yours is in a little nook in your bedroom, a shed in the garden (away from the chaos of family life) or you’ve converted the spare bedroom. Arguably there’s nothing more ‘2020’ than working from home. These home offices are dreamy and practical, a perfect sanctuary for focus and concentration.

 (Photo Credit
Now if you’re lucky enough to have a home office in the garden, we think you’ve potentially won 2020! Keeping it simple and minimal but still accessorising allows you to keep your concentration as well as love where you’re working. Shop Similar: 1. Hector Wall Lamp, 2. Arnstein Leaf Cutout Vase


Jaz's Office Nook
For those of us with a small space you have to work with what you've got! This little area has become our much loved office nook. Adding a stunning pendant light perfect for reading, faux greenery and of course a sweet scent - it's all about the senses. The handy Mustard Made locker means we can store files away from the desk area giving us more space to actually graft without cluttered papers. 1. Cornet Lamp Shade Black, 2. Trailing Eucalyptus Faux Stem, 3. Small Belle Pot Dark Natural, 4. Mustard Made Locker The Lowdown in Slate


The kitchen has been used more than we ever thought in 2020. When we’re not able to get take away from our favourite locals, our kitchens have seen baking mishaps, new recipes and just about everything in-between. Our kitchen round up includes favourite coffee mugs, recipe books and furniture that we couldn’t have lived without.

We love this bold green. By adding the raised shelving, you can keep your kitchen countertop from clutter, as well as adding accessories like artwork, plants and candles – stop our kitchens being clinical! Shop Similar: 1. Black Organic Tiered Candle Stick


Christina and Craig's Kitchen (Photo Credit, Katie Lee.)
Add drama with your lighting. It's not all about kitchen cupboards and furniture though, don't forget about the perfect glass for your favourite cocktail or a coffee mug that helps you start the day the right way. Shop The Look: 1. Salt Porcelain Mug, Kitchenware



Even the most functional of spaces have seen the love. In a desperate need to feel like we’ve left the house, we’ve been constantly updating corners, shelves and rearranging accessories. The beauty of vessels, house plants and soft furnishings, is that you can move them around the house and this year, out of desperation, it’s felt like visiting somewhere new.

(Photo Credit)
 Layering your accessories whether that's in the form of textiles, coffee table books or mantle piece decorations - its been an essential. Shop Similar: 1. Brass Plant Pot with Feet, 2. Velvet Sofa in Caramel Cafe, 3. Recycled Cotton Throw

 Peta's House
From plants to candlelight accessorise every corner to add some interest to your spaces. Shop the Look: 1. White Sitting Mouse Lamp, 2. Akhila Green Metal Plant Pot.


Let the coffee table take centre stage. We love to style up shelving in any room.By buying timeless homeware pieces your range of vases, candle holders and decorative goodies can be moved around your house to mix up the look. Shop Similar: 1. Rosewood Coffee Table, 2. Fara Velvet Cushion in Peacock, 3. Handwoven Rug Flek Shell and Ivory


Although maybe a bit seasonal now, if we look back to the glorious days of the summer weather, our outdoor space has been a god send. Whether you have a balcony, a yard or are one of those lucky people with a HUGE back garden (perfect for hiding in for five minutes to yourself!) I think we have all had a go at making the most of our outdoor spaces. Those dedicated, hardy few have still been making use of those outdoor spaces in the latter months, with bonfires and socially distanced catch ups with friends and family. Here’s some of our top picks that blur the boundaries of indoor and outdoor living.

(Photo Credit)
Bringing indoor elements outdoor might have just been one of our saving graces this year! Adding traditional indoor features like lighting, candles, throws and textiles made our outdoor spaces a true extension of our home. Shop Similar: 1. Mohair Throw in Kahki

Christina and Craig's Garden
We really have loved our gardens all year round, get the scarf and hat on and the fire pit roaring, socially distanced catch ups are still on the cards! Shop the Look: 1. Sandvig White Wine Glass, 2. Sandvig Champagne Flute, 3. Esa Grey Marble Coaster
And that's a wrap! If you've stuck with us this far, well...I can only thank you! For a year we've spent the majority of our time at home, it's been a long roundup. Here's to a better 2021 and keeping up our love for both our home and gardens.
Team LD