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Add Integrity to Your Spaces

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Add Integrity to Your Spaces

The first part of any successful Interior Design is to know the space that you’re working with. Not just know your brief and where it is you need to be going, but really know the space. By this I mean its past, its present, and its future. By discovering its history, you discover what it is that makes it unique and interesting. Character is key. Anyone can come in and paint your walls for you, but we’re talking about adding real integrity to your interior.

So how do you inject personality into your pad?

Firstly, think bigger. Don’t just think about the history of your house itself, but the surrounding area as well. Is it a coastal town, an old mining village or is it known for its steel works? Could you include steel legs with your furniture or use woven hessian rope rugs or baskets to bring in the coastal vibes. When was the town or the house itself built? If it was in the 60’s, could you use a mid-century inspired design? If it was the 20’s, would you want to include a nod to the art deco period?

Must Haves; The Sofa Edit - Design Field NotesDesign Field Notes



The dark wooden cladding used above is a modern interpretation of the coastal theme whilst the soft linen curtains and dark hessian furniture make the space feel light and fresh.

Are there natural features such as trees, rivers, lakes which could inspire your colour scheme? Perhaps there are meadows with flowers of bright purples and yellows you can use to bring the outside in. Maybe there are muddy farmers fields and walking trails which could inspire an earthy colour palette of rich browns and rusty reds. Are there man made features such as bridges, walls and statues which you could paint exciting artwork of or curate a gallery wall with framed photos of local landmarks?

La peinture murale est un élément clef de la décoration intérieure qui peut vous aider de changer totalement votre intérieur.Voyez les tendances hit pour le moment!



The warm earthy tones make the space feel cosy, yet stylish. The scheme has been modernised by painting the floorboards a lighter shade rather than a traditional wood.


Next, look at the history of your home, if it’s a new build, were there buildings there before that have been demolished or is it close to any fascinating buildings which could serve as your inspiration? Think about the style of the building, is it industrial with metal framework, traditional redbrick, rustic stone or modern concrete? 



The industrial metal framed windows have inspired a sleek, modern scheme with graphic artwork adding a splash of colour to a monochrome colour palette. 


If it’s an older building, think about the character of the building, does it have any original period features such as sash windows or beams that can be updated with an interesting paint colour. Are there any quirky nooks that can be made into a cosy seating area or have materials been used such as exposed brick or tile that can be utilised? 

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The period features of coving, fireplace and wall panelling are brought up to date with a vibrant colour palette and modern accessories adding character and personality to a grown up scheme, whilst the built in nook creates a unique seating area. 


No matter where you live, there is a story to be told, be that yours, the people who used to live there or the architects who designed it way back when. By intertwining your tastes with the things that make your home different to everyone else’s you create a space with heart, soul and integrity. Have fun, enjoy it and dare to have a home that is as unique as you.