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Being an Independent...

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Being an Independent...

With our busiest time of year approaching, it’s natural that we start to think a lot about how busy we will be and preparing for that, but a main topic of conversation that occurs is of course high street shopping and supporting independents.

This has got me thinking about being an independent; what it takes and what it means.

Let’s start with what it means…

Whenever I stress, worry or work tirelessly its Craig who will always remind me, 


“Remember why you started this”,

and he’s right...

That notion always makes everything worthwhile; it’s a grounding thought.


For me, it was, and still is, about bringing something to my hometown that I’m madly obsessed about. It’s also about sharing things I learn and find with my area too.

It is a passion born from a love of Interiors, design, the age old act of ‘shopping’ and the ever-underestimated North East. It’s never been about money (trust me I wouldn’t be in this if it was.) It sounds super cheesy, but it really is a passion. It’s a feeling of ‘if I didn’t do this, what the hell else would I do?’

And what it takes…well I’m sure that varies a little from shop-keeper to shop-keeper but I can also imagine a lot of it is the same...

The hard work, the dedication, the sleepless nights, the worry, the exhilaration, the never-ending no getting away from feeling; the amazing highs, balanced by the sickening lows. It takes a great team you trust, time away to see clearly and a drive to always create something new and never settle with what you have just achieved.

To be an indie biz, in a nutshell, I guess it takes perseverance, caffeine, support and balls. Yep, I reckon loads of bottle in this game is really what it takes. We can all sell great products, but I’m learning that you’ve gotta take risks and follow them through by believing that one day they will pay off. It’s tough to say but I think this is what sets those who fly apart from those who don’t.

Help us support our high street, shopping with an indie coffee shop, card shop or awesome interior store ;) this Christmas will make all the difference. It’ all about support and creating a community, we’re lucky that the Internet allows this so easily now; I find Instagram an amazing platform for this. Here are just a few Indie Biz’ killing it…

The Sitting Room (Saltburn & Guisborough)

Serving up the best cocktails around, these guys have us drooling with every single instagram post.

Mannions & Co York

There’s never a trip to York that doesn’t include “Breakfast at Mannions’. This is one serious eatery serving up simply divine food.

Nancy Darcy Hairdressing Marske

As my big sisters biz, it couldn't go a miss from the list. I learnt a lot from my time working here but mainly never to stop...and this team definitely don't. Always forward thinking and always going beyond and above when it comes to customer service, this really is the place to go for amazing hair.

W.A Green Shoreditch

Having listened to the super cool founder talk at Pulse Trade Show her wisdom and passion got us at hello. These guys are based in the big city but we follow them on Instagram and are fellow Trouva boutiques. We envy their carrying of super unusual pieces and bold approach to design.

Light Up North

Resident makers LUN couldn’t escape our list. These guys work tirelessly to create the coolest EL wire art around for miles.


When your small indie biz needs taking the next level, it’s humbling to know that a team right on your doorstep share the same creative business vision as yourselves. The team at WeAreModest are who we have to thank for our spanking new website. Nothing is an issue, nothing is too small. They really are beyond dedicated.


With a new hobby to occupy myself with, I’ve become quite the searcher of #organicbabyclothes. LoveBeeBaby are a stand out brand, their baby clothing are all handmade and consist of some of the coolest illustrations we’ve come across.


The Violet Green

These guys are a super cool small plates restaurant based in Norton. You only need to follow them on Instagram to fall in love with what they do. Locally supplied meat, fruit and veg and fish are the order of the day, served up in a quirky setting.


Betty Leigh Boutique

Just up the road, seaside town Redcar homes this classy ladies wear boutique. With unusual brands and realistic prices, this is the go-to for a seasonal wardrobe update.


This Black Friday we’re saying, “Don’t fight for bargains, fight for your high street!” In celebration we’ll give you 

a FREE £10 voucher when you spend over £100 in store and online.