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This season is by far our favourite time of year (okay, maybe we do say this every season) but the change in lighting, temperature and the instant urge to hunker down and get cosy definitely has us excited for the days ahead. Brisk walks wrapped in scarves and bonfires with family and friends is what it’s all about.

If you’re hosting this year, here’s our tips to impress and make sure you, as well as your guests have the best bonfire night …


Whip up a potion

Our choice is a warm mulled apple cider. YUM. Follow this recipe, leave to brew in your slow cooker and serve with sliced apples in your favourite cocktail glasses. We'd recommend using our new Broste Amber Mouthblown Cocktail Glasses. Elegant, sophisticated and darn right beautiful.


Nail your nosh

There's nothing better than some good hearty food when it's chilly outside. Your guests are going to need something to warm themselves up when all the whizzing and banging is going on. You want rich, no-nonsense food.

Keep it simple - a good chilli, a few gourmet hot dogs and something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our favourite is this super chocolately twist on the classic s'mores campfire treat. Serve up with some digestive biscuits and tasty fruit skewers. Deeeelish.


Set the atmosphere

It's all about setting that snug environment where everyone can laugh, chat and have some laid back fun. Use candles and outdoor lighting to provide some much needed light before the bonfire is lit.


Make it fun!

For a bit of nostalgia, bring out some apples and encourage your guests to join in with apple bobbing.

When dark sets in, whip out some sparklers for a bit of entertainment for all the family. No matter how old you are, the marvel of drawing your name in the dark never fails to impress!!



Dig out the blankets

It's bound to be freezing cold outside, so make sure you have plenty of tactile blankets on hand to dish out to your guests. Our mohair throws are large enough to wrap yourself up in and cosy enough that your guests will never want to leave.


Have a fab time with your family and friends however you decide to celebrate.