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As we wean in more decor and start to warm up our spaces, it's time to talk you through our fave fauxs and how to use them. Fill corners, adorn side tables and even hang from your ceilings; foliage can really elevate your spaces. We're obsessed with the new sell out range from Abigail Ahern, full of texture and oh so real-ness, there is no home that should be without a little sprinkle. 


Our very own creation housed in our Ilma Blue Textured Melange Vase

In store we sell every stem as a single, but we love nothing more than creating bespoke arrangements for you and your spaces.

Today we're talking steps to create the perfect faux display from single stems and how to house them, to full & furious wild bouquets...


Single Stem

Abigail Ahern's Faux Wild Fruit Bunch in our Rustica Stoneware Vase

Small Posy

Full & Furious



1. Manipulate to the max

You've really got play with your fauxs unlike fresh flowers. If you're arranging fauxs, you certainly can't be shy. Most stems and leaves are wired, making it super easy to pull them apart and create a more natural look. Be sure to pull out towards any gaps to fill them out!

2. Don't forget the green

As much as big flouncy heads are beautiful, it's the addition of a little greenery that will make your bouquets super realistic. We love leafy greens with natural texture. For added impact, choose foliage with lots of character and detail of it's own.

3. A little balance

As with any artwork or display, you should consider balance within your arrangement. Don't get too caught up in it but it certainly needs considering. If you are wide and low on one side, try a little height on the other. Or if your feeling all a little low and 'round', add in some height, and then some gradual stems to bridge the gap.

Balance is key

4. Don't be afraid

Generally the bigger the more realistic looking when it comes to creating bouquets. Don't hold back and do throw (apart from these ones) rules out of the window. This is about creating your perfect and having fun. 

5. House them right

It's all in the vessel! It can be a good idea to create your arrangement with your vase in mind, this way you can get the balance spot on before hand. If you have a tall vase for instance, you will create a taller arrangement otherwise it will look like a pea on a drum!

Always try to hide the stems from the top of the vase, your flouncy heads should perch just above and remember it's best to avoid clear glass.