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Spring has finally sprung

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Spring has finally sprung

Happy Easter folks!

What a happy one it has been. We can't believe our luck with the weather, doesn't it just make all the difference?


How has it affected your homes? 

Has it meant you've spent more time in your own homes and gardens or did you find yourselves fleeing to the beaches and rolling hills to enjoy picnics and walks in the sun?

For us it has meant the balcony doors are open, we have done the living room switch around (our house is cold and dark; one side of our lounge having an open log burner through into an all glass conservatory was a great idea at the time, but means it's super cold in winter and much hotter in the Summer months!) and I am ready for a little spring spruce.

Craigs done the clean (I am one lucky gal!) but this home needs a touch of something new. I'm thinking a bit more texture, some new art on the walls (hopefully courtesy of Light Up Norths Ex display items and our discounted Laser cut wall art!) and a dash of new colour. 

Not to mention some punchy new linen for our bedroom. I love the coral we had but I'm trying a new punch teaming zesty Citron with our Farrow and Ball Hague Blue walls. What's your verdict?

No space would be freshened up without a dose of new greenery. I'm loving the faux grasses this season and these wild caterpillar stems have the perfect hue to compliment the linen.


 Not forgetting a change up of scent. No one can resist a good smell right? (isn't this what we call look for in a life long partner? Someone who smells damn good? We think the same about our pad too). We're switching out winter spruce and trusty Teakwood & Tobacco for the lighter notes of Patchouli Sweetgrass and Golden Coast, both in the form of reed diffusers over candles as these lighter nights pull through. 

I don't know about you, but when I think re-jig the first space that I tackle is always the lounge, (living room if your extra north -eastern like us). I seriously love our existing space, I think it's our most accomplished space yet, with it's mix of older, timeless pieces and some new stuff, but I am ready for a change up. So this will be where I start. 

If you're the same, and your space just needs a 'lift', try a new rug for a seriously easy switch up. We're going big, and mildly patterned. The lightness of this beauty will give the entire space a fresher feel.

Then I'm switching mohair throws for cooler, lightweight cottons and I'm gonna play up the colour palette by adding a slightly lighter shades of the existing hue of blue. Try switching velvets for linens and quilted cottons for an updated look, don't feel bad here, your velvets will come back out, heck you can even pair them together for a super dose of texture.

A few new glass vessels for some fresh posies, and a sprinkling of new books on our coffee table has just about done the trick. As a new Mama soon to start weaning, I'm going for healthier cook books along side my usual reads of bohemian interiors and business people.

Be sure to enjoy the sunshine, but I urge you just a little switch up can make your home feel completely fresh and have a positive impact on your mindset ahead of the new season.

I for one am super exciting for what's to ahead ;)

Happy feng-suing folks.