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Tone on tone ( or Monochromatic as those in the know call it) is a bold look; it appears luxurious, uber cool and packs a serious interior-ista look. But guess what, it’s easier than you think.


You definitely shouldn’t be scared of trying this look. If you’re after a bold but calm space, working tone on tone will give you just that. There is something super soothing about layers upon layers of multi-tonal gorgeousness and so here we share how to make sure you nail the look, LD style…




Chose your hue; your base hue should be rich and intoxicating; you know how we love our dark walls! For tone on tone cool – lighter walls and darker accessories just doesn’t make the cut. BE BRAVE. Think about how you can dare to be that little bit more bold because you’ll only have one hue to think about; there’ll be no stress about ‘will that colour work with this one?! blah blah blah” so your walls can afford to be bold!

It’s time to understand why not to get caught up with decorating rules to do with natural daylight. The way you ‘work’ the room with the lighting and accessories will ensure your dark space is never gloomy.



Once you’ve decided what hue you’re working with, it’s time to consider 3-5 tones within your selected hue to play around with. In my opinion it makes no odds whether you work pastels with neon’s, as long as your tone derives from the same hue, and it’s the only hue you’re working in a space, you’re on the right track. These hues will make up your statement pieces of furniture, your textiles and rugs, and the majority of your accessories and artwork. Work in a little pattern to avoid spaces feeling same-samey boring.



Finally throw in some natural materials. To ground the whole look and add in plenty of texture, be sure to include elements of natural materials like wood, concrete and fur, then mash it all up with some light reflecting metallic. These elements are easy to drip in through your light fittings, mirrors, and finishing touches.

Vo La!


This look can be created anywhere, but I love it in smaller rooms and snugs as it really can create a sense of space.

Layering on the tone for maximum interest is key here. You’ll keep things interesting as well as creating depth and warmth by layering tones of your chosen hue. Have a dab at a mood board before you start going crazy, we promise you’ll be converted…

Now I’m just trying to persuade Mr LD to get his paintbrush out again!