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The blog post I never thought I'd be writing...

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The blog post I never thought I'd be writing...

Well here’s a blog post I never thought I’d be considering, never mind writing.

Not because it was something we threw on top of the ‘no pile’, but simply

because we were happy with life, making no future plans and quite simply after 7

years we both thought it was probably never going to happen.

Then BOOM out of nowhere, here we are writing this blog post on...


...‘Decorating a Nursery’


Yup, you heard me, we’re expecting our first baby in December. What a

whirlwind few months it has been, and I’m sure only about to get even more


Before I get carried away with baby waffle, I’m going to try and stick to the topic

in hand: a low down on Nursery Décor. I feel like we are leaving it a little late to

complete but poor Craig is still dealing with the shock so we finally settled on the

end of September as our decorating time. He reckons it’s so that it’s nice and

‘fresh’ for the arrival…I reckon it’s secretly because it’s gonna make it really hit


So, anyway, nursery décor – I’m struggling! Anyone else struggle? If you’re not

into teddy bears, and you’re gender neutral for the moment, it’s proving pretty

difficult to find cool nursery décor. I’m inspired by Australian design and their

love for laid back living and colour, so I’ve decided to take my little hand painted

giraffe brought home from Spain in May (we were just about 10 weeks then!) 

from Spain as an inspiring colour way starting point for our gender neutral nursery.


I’m also in love with intoxicating hue of Mercer Green by Abigail Ahern, but I’ve never

really had an excuse to use it. So we’re going green on the walls, with pops of

yellow, earthy orange and some super soft neutrals along with a few drops of fun sprinkled in.


The Vision

I’d like the nursery to still have style, and not succumb to the obvious ‘having a

baby’ style reflex. But of course, I’d like it to be child friendly and fun. I’m feeling

eclectic boho vibes with lots of soft natural textures.


My tips for easing your nursery into your cool home:


Figure out your Feels – As with any space, go from a feeling. Do your research

and figure out exactly how you’d like your nursery to feel. For me, I want

colour, but also for it to feel warm and friendly. I’d like it to be a space we are all

happy to spend time in, not just somewhere our baby will sleep.


Don’t Lose Your Vibe – try not to become too blinded by the baby décor out

there. Instead of panicking and ‘making do’, be strong and don’t buy bits that

don’t make you’re heart sing.

We looked at ‘changing tables’ for about 5 minutes before I confirmed I was

never buying such a thing. Even the ‘cool’ styles are mainly white and feel really sterile.

(perhaps there are lots of health and safety elements to this but I still feel like

this should never compromise style like it seems to!)

We wanted something that would last much longer in our home as a piece of

furniture. There is no law that says ‘you must have a changing table for your

baby’, but here is where the succumbing happens –parents-to-be get sucked in.

Stick a changing mat on top of a cool chest of drawers and you’ve instantly got

what you need. Of course you need to be careful with baby on there but you

would anyway; I don’t feel like 2 inches of raised side around a changing mat

would really save your baby?!?

We had the same feeling with the cot too, we looked all over and we fancied something different but 

not out there - you wouldn't believe how hard this is to find. Well, unless your already parents then you will. 

Why are they all so ugly? Ugly or ridiculously expensive? Those seem about the only options. 

We're really excited to be working with a maker of a brand new 'no waste' lighting collection

(arriving tomorrow actually) to design and make our cot. Again we wanted something we really loved, 

and to work with a 'one man' to design and make something for us is such a lovely process. Not as 

expensive as one might think either; always ask the question folks! 

Penn Chest of Drawers -


Pick something fun as a start – If you’re stuck with somewhere to start, take

one thing you love and go from there. By now you’ve probably bought something

cute for you’re new born; a blanket, a toy, even something to hang on your wall,

use this as your starting point. I’m obsessed with animals in the home anyway

but am feeling this even more for the nursery so for me the tones in a giraffe

were the perfect place to start. 


Then I found this little guy online and he'd have to be included too...

Handmade Lion Head


Don’t be afraid of colour – I have no idea or any scientific evidence that baby’s like

colour. But I do know how colour makes me feel, and having that influence on me

can only make me more content and comfortable around my baby, right? I can’t quite

imagine feeling cosy nursing in a stark white room with grey accessories. Of

course, this is all personal, but I urge you to think the same, it’ll leave you feeling

at peace during your most tested times (haha that’s the plan anyway, naive right?)

Mercer Green by Abigail Ahern


Why should colours be so gendered? It is seriously not going to have an impact

on your baby boy if his room is a soft shade of pink in the first few years of his

life, if that’s what you want. Think about how you respond to colour, the other

colours in your home and how you are already using them. Then replicate this for

your mini me. Be brave and think outside of the box. We’re not budging from

deep sludgy hues for anyone, not even our tiny unexpected little baby.


It’s the thing I come back to time after time, the thing that started this little biz-

your home is your own little bit of whatever you want it to be, your bit of peace

away from the real world. Make it work for you, make it have an effect on how

you feel. Cos’ trust me, it has the power to do just that!


I'm super excited to be decorating again, it's been a while since mainly thanks to the store just taking over. 

Christmas is going to be extra special this year, and I can't wait to spend some time in our, 

what we can finally call, 'family home'.


Watch out for the reveal on Insta and the blog, check our highlights for the first glimpse. We'll be sharing some pics of the finished space, 

we are getting there :)


Happy Thursday folks