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PF Candle Co are Californian Based Candle Makers whose line is meant to make life smell better through candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, incense, and eau de parfum.

Renowned not only for their creation of high quality fragrance for the home, the Husband and Wife team are notorious for the Handmade quality and spirit of their soy candle and reed diffuser brand.

P.F. got its big break in 2013, when the line was picked up by Homeware store West Elm! The demand from this big break inspired Kristen’s Husband Tom to join the business full time, after years of behind-the-scenes help. (There’s hope for me with Craig after all!)

Since 2013, P.F. has expanded from two people to a team of 43. Amazing right?

Their scents conjure feelings of nostalgia and create a sense of home, from ‘Campfire’ to ‘Laundry Day’; these soy candles are not overly perfumed but rather beautifully scented.

Their candles are made from the finest soy wax and their reed diffusers are made purely from essential oils.


Designer name: Pf Candle Co

The Brand: Husband and Wife Team with 43 members of Hands on staff

The Products: Handmade Luxury Soy Candles and Essential Oil Reed Diffusers and Room Sprays

The Style: Cool, down to earth, and luxury without the price tag

What makes the products / range / collections unique?

Human hands have touched every element of a PF CANDLE CO product. In this day and age, that’s pretty rare. Their handmade candles and reed diffusers are handmade but delivered with the most professional quality. And plus they smell simply amazing!


The Inspiration: PF Candle co is inspired by memories. The scents they make for their soy candles are all derived from favourite childhood memories, holidays and mundane moments they like to recreate.

The Favourites: LD’s most popular are Sweet Grapefruit Reed diffuser, Teakwood and Tobacco Reed Diffuser, Copal Soy Candle and Patchouli Sweet grass Room Spray

What’s next for the brand?

Pf Candle Co is constantly developing the brand and home fragrance range. Their soy candle collection includes limited edition scents and they are even looking at bringing back discontinued favourites! They have also recently introduced a large candle to the range!


Our personal favourites include:

Amber & Moss Reed Diffuser - we opened this diffuser right on opening the store, so it brings back the memories of those early days. 

Spiced Pumpkin Soy Candle - we don't usually do sweet scents, but this one throws a curveball conjuring up scents of my mama baking and our fave season Autumn all in one.


Don't forget, until the end of September we're offering 20% off the entire P.F Candle Co. range with the code PF20

Offer available in-store and online