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Up Your Autumn Game

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Up Your Autumn Game

Ahh September.

Time to restore some order (but not too much), embrace the change in temperature, and make some plans for the cosy season ahead.


We believe Christmas goes way too quick to place all emphasis on the occasion, and so instead we triumph celebrating the change that Autumn/ Winter brings; it’s not all about red ribbons, giant trees and glittery baubles.

To fully emerge yourself in the season of our choice (although we do say that about each one), we have a few key points to up your autumn game:


  1. Bring on the Green

We like to compare this one to that ‘goodbye Christmas tree feeling’, you know that awful weird empty space when your Christmas tree goes? Well we say fill it up beforehand. There is something besides the ‘magic of Christmas’ that having that great big green tree in your living space brings. Greenery is grounding, will be your biggest helping hand with layering and mainly is super decorative. Go real if you can keep it alive or go faux for unusual forms that will last a lifetime. Think outside of the box too, I hate curtains with a passion and so instead use leafy greens to soften sharp window edges. They work amazingly at adding height to that awkward space we never really know how to fill.

Available to pre-order Abigail Ahern Aztec Cactus £160

Available to pre-order Abigail Ahern Ostrich Fern £130


2. Dim the lights

I know it’s a shame to lose the longer days but you can’t disagree that the dark nights this side of Christmas are super cosy; am I the only one that looks forward to hunkering down with a book by the perfect kind of light?

Big, bright overheads are a no-go, instead aim to have 3-4 pools of light in every space. Of course this will vary depending upon the size of your room, but never stoop below at least 2 lamps. They really do work magic, casting shadows in unexpected places and adding yet even more intrigue to your layered up pad. Again vary the height with this and have some fun. Add lamps to consoles and floor lamps behind seating. Wherever you have something you love, aim to light it up.

Brass is forever in our hearts but this season we are are working out-there velvets and relying on timeless glass to add a touch of understated warmth.

Velvet Tassel Lamp £105

Glass Bottle Bottom Lamp £125




3. A touch of glass

With winter we seek warmth, comfort and familiarity. There’s nothing more comforting than a glimmer of warm light bouncing around your favourite space. You're halfway there once you’ve created pools of light, now all you need to do is bounce it around a little. Mirrors and glass are the answer. Think metallic trays on table tops, glass pillar candlesticks, oversized wall mirrors and little glass trinkets to add new dimensions to your vignettes. Glass vases are an obvious easy fix for this one too.


Hand Etched Mirror Placemat £14.95

Coloured Glass Candle Holders £12-£17

Mirror Tealight Holder £15


4. Scent

Nothing gets the senses going like a good smell, right? A change of month is the most justifying reason for a change of scent, a new candle is only right ( willingly convince the other half). Obviously work to your personal agenda, but always go for complex scents with heart, base and top notes. As we seek warmth we lean towards a base of ‘Amber and Patchouli’, but not yet ready for the sweet seasonal smell of ‘Spiced Pumpkin’ we lust for top notes with fresher feels. Thanks to ‘pine’ in the ‘spice’ categorised ‘Black Fig’ PF candle range, this makes it our September scent of choice.

PF Candle Range From £14.50


5. Give a rug some love

Not just rugs, the addition of any textiles at this time of year will have your home A/W ready, but rugs are our personal fave (not least because we live in a cold house), but because they really work to ground your space. A good rug will bring your entire space together, and depending on how you work it, it can add a big dose of pattern, an understated punch of colour or can simply work a low-key-oodles-of-texture vibe.

Throughout the warmer months we may seek a little minimalism and appreciate the coolness that bare floors bring, but on this turn on the month, we celebrate rugs in all of their glory. As with our usual advice, we urge you to try something a little different; make a choice that surprises yourself. Don’t buy a rug to match your curtains, let your rug bring something new to the table. As always, if it’s a new tone you're adding to the space, just be sure to pepper it throughout the space using any method you feel; a piece of artwork , a book cover or a vase so that it sits seamlessly and doesn’t stick out like the only sore piece of brand new decor.


Cotton Pile Rug £225

Marvel Blush Rug £325

We basically want to get you into a way of thinking a little differently around this whole season. It’s exactly that, a whole season, not just a few festive weeks. Have a little look around your own home, spend some time in your spaces and figure out that they mean to you. How do they make you feel? How could they make you feel? and what small steps could you take to make that happen.


Have a great Sunday