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The Desperate Swan Scenario - by Christina

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The Desperate Swan Scenario - by Christina

Todays scheduled post topic was all PF Candle co. You know, to inform you our customers on how we buy handmade and educate you all on why we buy from the people we do. Not only that, but of course a post like that will aid SEO and help with brand awareness now we’re taking the World Wide Web all serious and all…

Sorry to disappoint, but that’s not coming just today.

I’m having one of those weeks, you know when that ‘ What are we even doing here?’ vibe kicks in? It seems to have taken over my mental state this week.

We’re inundated with orders, yet it’s our quietest time in store (kids going back to school and settling in to routines and all that jazz), I have the best team ever but this week poor old Fran’s been properly poorly and then I have winter shift hours on my mind (more will come to light after next weeks post I imagine).

On top of that there’s the worry of where to put all this stock, we’ve upped our orders BIG TIME thanks to our new online presence so we have LOADS of bloody boxes everywhere, and then there’s the stress of getting it all photographed ASAP to make sure we don’t miss the boat and all this stock doesn’t get sold.

All looks like fun and games and the best job ever on IG right?

Truth is, I feel very much like a swan who is super close to losing it’s little legs and webbed feet (true story – I have webbed toes!) this week.

I feel very much in over my head.

I appreciate honesty, and getting to know people, so I thought you guys might too, this is really where this post is coming from, and also as a means of self therapy ‘cos there’s nothing like belting out you’re feelings on paper, right? Even if it’s not so good for SEO!

I’m winging it, BIG TIME. It’s overwhelming to hear your lovely supportive comments and feedback in store and online, but sometimes the worry outweighs them. Generally I’m not the kind of person to let these thoughts in, but this week they’ve got me.

So what the hell will I do about it? Well, first I’d say, whether you’re in biz or just faced with these kind of feelings from general life, get a kip. There’s nothing a bit of decent sleep can’t fix.

Then I’d say write a list, I know I know, obvious, but it helps to really focus – just don’t be too ambitious or you’ll end up self loathing for not accomplishing what you’ve written on it.

Then ask yourself the question…

What are you doing here? Do you love it?

Of course it’s bloody hard but what isn’t? And why would you want it to be easy? That would mean you’ve cracked it. (Do we ever crack it? What’s the point in keeping going if you already nailed it?)

Just gain some perspective.

The boxes will get organised, the stock will be photographed, and the rotas will get sorted.

It may seem constant if you let it, but I’m teaching myself that the trick is not to let it. I chose this. I created this life. Most days I love it, but when I get to this ‘desperate swan’ stage I know it’s time to take stock, regain control. Otherwise I will probably end up not loving it.

I could work 9-5 with loads less stress and loads more money but equally, loads less stimulation.

So I’m sorry for the rant over here today, but sometimes you just wonder if anyone feels the same?

What’s it all about?

And where are we all going?


PF Candle Co blog will follow, I promise. And something you might be less expecting next week, I know I was.

Have a peaceful Sunday folks, I’m off to kip.