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Why Saltburn?

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Why Saltburn?

I had planned another design post for today but I'm afraid that will have to wait until next week as the fire in my gut has taken over and is quite frankly raring...

One day this week a couple popped in the store, they were visiting from Edinburgh because 'they like Whitby and our North Yorkshire coast- fish and chips, you know?' They didn't stay in store too long, commented with the 'I hope you do well' line, then on his way out the Gentleman said,

"Why Saltburn?!"

Loud enough for me to hear, and in a tone that clearly stated he was SURE we wouldn't survive in this little seaside town.

"WHY THE HELL NOT SALTBURN" I furiously shouted back at him...

I'm totally kidding. Of course I didn't shout at the gentleman, but the raging fire in my belly really, REALLY wanted to.

Instead I channelled my passion and frustration into this blog post. I am SERIOUSLY passionate about what I do.

I am SERIOUSLY passionate about Saltburn, the North Yorkshire Coast and the North East.

And I am even more passionate about bringing what I do to those areas.

In my opinion, there is a lack of independent, inspiring places to shop in our local area and since opening in October, it seems I am not alone in feeling like this. You lot keep telling me 'this is exactly what we need.', so lucky for me I have you to thank for not shouting at the gentleman, remaining calm, composed and clinging on to my belief in this business.

Saltburn is thriving, we have new businesses popping up all over the place, just last week we were included in The Time top places to live, Sky TV are filming in April, our Food Markets and Festival attract hundreds of visitors, we have award winning restaurants, a boutique hotel, artists here are being approached by World of Interiors magazine for goodness sake...

...but most of all, we have an amazing, supportive community.

So really my response is, "WHY NOT SALTBURN?!"

Why shouldn't we have nice things? Nice places to eat, shop and drink? Why should we have to travel to big cities to find something different?

Why should our only options be Next & Marks and Spencer?


There are hundreds of options and I hope to show you.

What do you reckon, are you in?