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Finishing Spaces

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Finishing Spaces

So much deeper than scratching the surface, this post is going ALL OUT finishing spaces inspo.

Following from creating a palette, we wanna talk you through the next step in 'working that palette' and creating 'feels' not just a nicely decorated room - texture is imperative for this.

When we talk texture we don’t just mean the obvious throws and cushions.

There are so many elements and layers that should be used to

help you create visually amazing spaces. These are the things that will elevate your spaces to the next level - way past 'a nice home' and up and onto 'magazine worthy' and 'fall madly in love with'.

Home of Set Designer Sera of London. Image: @paulraeside Production @mrsmvj

I CANNOT stress this enough - to create these spaces you must:

1. BE BRAVE enough to reinvent (that's yourself, your shopping choices - everything)


How many times do I bang on about only buying things you love?! You simply have to move away from the high street brochures, and allow your brain some creative freedom, and your heart to play to it's own tune.

It's time to stop clouding your creative vision, and build a truly transcending home you ADORE.


Well, your well-being counts on it. With longer working days and busier lives, creating a sanctuary at home is becoming increasingly more important. Also, why not? Who does'nt want to be in love with their home? No brainer, right?


OK, so adding texture is mainly about:

Visual Interest


Natural Materials

Tactile Gorgeousness

Visual Interest, at LD AKA 'The Second Glance Effect'. This is what makes spaces intriguing - it's the element of surprise. Art hung high, or propped up low. Lighting in every corner (especially highlighting side tables full of curious vignettes), a mash up of unexpected finishes, furniture in your bathroom,

an OTT size chandelier hung way lower than usual, a great big animal sat next to an encyclopaedia - do you get the gist? VI = Cool stuff that makes you look twice.

Image: @emmalee Styling: @hannahfranklininteriorstylist.

Layering means many things. Cushions on cushions, throws on throws, rugs on rugs. Then of course, notch this up - layer materials; leather on wood, concrete and glass, metallic next to wool - mash it all up.

Next layer your spaces. Prop things vertically, add width horizontally, hang something overhead - don't be afraid to utilise your space. Pull your furniture out from the wall just a little and see how it changes things.

This will not only create unimaginable depth that will make you feel comforted, but it will add to that VI we talk about and make you feel transcended.

Think back to first kisses and falling in love.

Butterflies in the tummy.

If your spaces don't make you feel like that you need to ditch them and create something that does.

Why would you stay in a boring relationship that didn't make your heart jump?!?

image : @damianrussell_ Styling: @marianne_cotterill .

Less of the Metaphors Christina...

Layers come together from elements in all shapes and forms. Think mirrors, book covers, art work , baskets, throws, cushions, rugs, lighting & botanicals and greenery.

One of our fave layering tricks are shadows. Bouncing light around to create natural artwork on walls takes me right back to being a kid and I love how playful and majestic it feels. Strategically place looping eucalyptus by a lamp and watch the magic happen. Or mount protruding wall art underneath wall lamps and spread shapes right across the walls (can you tell I'm obsessed?).

Think outside of the box – beautiful book covers and intriguing artworks can often be forgotten about but can add so much interest and depth to a space.

Just like any good outfit, any interesting space will utilise accessories to make it personal and intriguing.

Design by @katiehackworth

Add some pattern. This will aid texture by tricking the eye, as well as adding again to that desirable VI.

A little pattern goes a long way, even just the subtlest of details will give spaces depth. Think chevrons on rugs, stripes on cushions- it doesn’t have to get crazy – unless you want to of course!

The trick to mixing and introducing pattern is to play with scale and reign in the colour palette. So long as you stick to 2-3 colours and use some small scale with larger scale, you can have as much fun with pattern as you dare.

Home of Mariska Meijers, Image: @paul_massey.

Consider your statement pieces. Mix up the scale to create that unexpected majestic vibe. To really make the magic happen, scrap having just 1 statement piece and aim have 2-3 in every space for maximum wow effect. This could be your main light feature, a huge piece of wall art and a huge indoor plant (or tree perhaps!)


Image: @paulraeside_by_duffy_nyc Styling: @hannahfranklininteriorstylist

Enjoy this bit folks, you've done the leg work, now you just need to make that palette strut it's stuff, promise you won't just leave it hangin'? This is the problem we see so often -

Post on this to follow as it's a pretty passionate debate (can you bloody believe it?!)

Happy Weekend Folks